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As a color designer for interior design and architecture, I am always confronted with the problems of  light. I have recently been doing some research and would like to share my results with you. Light plays, aesthetically, an important role in creating beautiful spaces. With light you can change the atmosphere completely from being gloomy […]

The musician, Stephen Malinowski, has created a fascinating project with his Music Animation Machine. He uses harmonic coloring and animated graphics to visualize his music. In this video, he beautifully represents Beethoven´s Symphony 7, Second Movement, Allegretto, with delicately animated, colorful graphics. It is almost as though the colors are dancing to the music. Share […]

I feel that a  casual conversation where you are talking to your customers via a video is just as important as when you are standing in front of a large audience. Choosing the right colors for your videos is very easy to do  and will make a big difference to the look of your video.  […]

Many of us do have the tendency to think that when we only have a small desk in a corner of the room to claim as our home office, we don´t think it worthy of much attention. I certainly did. In fact, after many years I have just designed and decorated my office.  And what […]

You want to paint your very small bedroom, but think it is too small for colors and reluctantly decide to revert back to white. On the one hand, you know how boring it is, but at the same time you appreciate the lightness it provides in this small space. I hear this problem from clients […]

A delicate pink is calming. It is a color that reduces aggressive feelings and conveys the impression of being cared for, thus improving a sense of self-esteem. It stands for: a gentle, loving quality, which evokes kindness and empathy. romantic love which makes it a favorite color for weddings a spiritual and unconditional love it […]

This year Pantone has named emerald green as trend color for 2013. Green has various primal shades from a yellow-green to a pure green and finally a green-blue, which we also call emerald green. The green color of nature´s vegetation is the most passive of colors and therefore also the most relaxing. This is one […]

Emerald green reflects the serene quality of a vast ocean. It creates a composed and focused atmosphere. In fact, this color is recommended for offices where high concentration and precision are required. As a color for a living room, it can add a very glamorous touch. However, it needs complementing with warm oranges or reds […]

A refreshing emerald green belongs to one  of the main color trends this year. Emerald green fashion accessories certainly add an enlivening dash to your looks and feelings.   It is an elegant color with depth and has a very feminine, slightly mysterious radiance about it. It gives the wearer an elegant and refined quality. […]

Green and its Combinations: Part I It is interesting to note how a color will change its expression when combined with other colors. Let me take green as an example.   Color Combinations: Green     Green is the most passive of all colors and therefore is also the most restful. It is the color of […]

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