Think Big When You Furnish Your Tiny Home Office

Many would love to have a large spacious office. But instead they have to be satisfied with a small corner of a room. This is, however, no reason to make everything cramped because you have such little space. On the contrary, be as generous and expressive as you would be in a large office. Use a little humor by putting a large piece of art work on the wall, a large container for your files. Keep the spirit of things in the way you would like your home business to develop; having your work planned on generous lines.

Think Big When You Furnish Your Tiny Home Office

For artists this is easy to achieve but every other profession can do the same. What is the highest achievement you think you can acquire in your profession? When you have the answer, add some form of art work to your home office to symbolize this to you.

Keep the color composition limited to two different hues to create a balanced effect. Avoid small items on the desk since they result in visual clutter. The small stuff can be kept in drawers or special containers.

Add accents with bold verticals to give the impression of space. This will draw your eyes upwards and thus expand the whole area.

Although function is very important in such a restricted area, beauty will make you feel more successful and related to your work. You do not necessarily need to use traditional filing cupboards. Perhaps you have some special hobby which you would like to add to your working space. You can find all manner of containers in every form from frogs to patterned boxes that serve well as filing systems. Add a little flair to this important area of your life and make it one of the places you just love to be in.

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